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Police Duty - Are you a good officer?

This test will show you if you will be a good cop, or a bad cop.


You get a call of a robbery. You do...



You arrive at the robbery, you do...



You went in the bank, you are met with 2 robbers, taking cover behind a couch, you do..



You are then hit, what do you do now?



You were rescued by your fellow colleagues, skip months later and you are ready for duty again.



You are in a hostage situation, the kidnapped demands money or he'll kill the hostage. You do...



A gang attack erupts and SWAT teams quickly come to the scene, The whole country is watching the shootout as people die left and right of you. You do..



The gang attack has silenced a bit, but there is 4 members of a gang still alive and are ready to fight. One of the gang members gets into a fist fight against you. He goes for a jab in the face. You do...



The gang member goes for a hook in the stomach. You do..



The gang member's defense is open, you do..



While you were on duty, the same gang that you were fist-fighting, ambushed you! You do...



If you were wondering, I also made the "Military Duty - Can you survive WW3?" test. "DOESNT AFFECT SCORE"


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