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Who is prettiest?

This poll is about three fictional girls. Millie, Lily and Holly. You basically just decide who you think is prettiest.


Millie has brown hair that is straight and about six inches longer than shoulder length. It is not soft but is isn't rough either.



Lily has straight "dirty blonde" hair that is really soft and is nine inches longer than shoulder length



Holly has straight ginger hair. Isn't rough but also not smooth. About shoulder length



Millie has emerald green eyes



Lily has blue eyes that are often described as "like sapphires"



Holly has brown eyes



Millie is the "popular girl" who has a kind and friendly personality but is almost always in the spotlight



Lily is the opposite. she is quiet and shy but is also generous and loyal. she will do anything for those she cares about unless she isn't comfortable doing it. She can always tell if someone is trying to manipulate or control her



Holly is somewhere in between the other two. she is often described as eccentric.



Millie always follows the clothing trends. she also wears some make up to enhance her looks



Lily does not follow trends. On normal days, she will wear a t shirt and shorts if it's hot, slim jeans(light blue or dark blue) or leggings if it isn't. on special occasions, she will wear a dress and a tiny bit of make up (e.g. lip gloss)



Holly wears similar clothes to Lily. She often wears a t shirt and shorts if it's hot or tight jeans if it isn't



Millie likes cats, Lily LOVES dogs and Holly doesn't have a strong opinion on either



Lily is often chased by boys. what would you do if you were present?



When Millie and Holly like someone, they try and look good for them



Lily on the other hand looks at the floor, giggles a lot, blushes, plays with her hair and becomes even more shy than she already is



Who do you prefer?


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