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Another Creepypasta Quiz

Heyo. It's me again,Death Wish. I'm making a part two. I am again,bored as hell. So,I hope you enjoy,I guess. Ummm...yeah. Again, Marble Hornets are included in here. I'll state myself again,I'M VERY ADDICTED!


All: Hi again



Me: So...if you remember my last quiz,which was literally called "Creepypasta", you'll remember everyone. Right?



Alex: Hey Death~ *kisses* Me: A-Alex...we have company here... Alex: Oh,sorry. Me: Wanna ask a question? Alex: Sure. What do you look like? Me: Good one



Me: Do you have friends?



Bryan: How many people have you killed? Toby: ... Me: *hugs toby* Toby: *smiles*



*jeff yells from his room* I WILL MAKE YOU GO TO SLEEP TIM! Tim: NOPE! *says as he runs down the stairs* Me: Oh god...



Me: Should I make more tests? Like more Creepypasta,FNAF maybe a Marble Hornets,etc...



Me: Random question,what's your favorite animal?(btw I have NO idea what happened to everyone. I'm making this at a weird time so sorry)



Alex: 2nd to last question! Me: YEET! Toby: Ooh! Favorite word! Me: Ooooo yay!



Me: Welp,we've reached the end. So...thanks for taking it,ummm...please rate and let me know if you want more quizzes from me. Later~


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