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Are you a GD Juniper fan? By Nerdguy!

Hello! I am Nerdguy,Romanian,11 years old (by the time of uploading this test).

Do you remember my quiz "In love with GD Juniper? By Nerdguy!"? This is another pseudo-test,this time verifying how much of a GD Juniper fan are you. I'll try my best to do the results accurate,don't judge me.

Good luck!


First of all...

Do you play Geometry Dash?



Do you have a Juniper plushie?



Do you like her YouTube banner?



Which YouTube profile picture do you like the best?



Do you watch her videos?



Do you read her Twitter?



(does not affect score)

Get ready to fanboy.



This photo



Would you like to get a card like this one?

(Credit to @mountfujitive for posting this photo on Twitter)

P.S:The photo is in png and I couldn't upload it,sorry,but there is the Twitter status (without the spaces):

https://twitter.com/mount fujitive/status/111788815 1714979840



This is it! (question does not affect score)

OK,I need to make an announcement before you guys leaving this quiz:I'm sorry if this quiz was very minimalistic,but I'm in the "bored" department... I currently have no any idea of creating tests on NerdTests.com,so don't worry,I will be inactive until I come up with a new idea for a test (an estimated month or two). Stay tuned for my next quiz,after a quite long time!


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