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"Would you rather" (mixed edition)

Some questions in this quiz are relatively relaxing, other questions are a bit trickier, but all of them are curious, in my opinion, and I am really interested how you will answer.
The Would you rather game is pretty popular, I guess.
Have fun! :-)

No matter what rating
you will give after taking,
and whatever your result is,
thank you for taking this quiz! :-)

A test by: Ivo Atanasov, an autistic man from Bulgaria, South-East Europe. :-)


Would you rather sing "Sunrise all over the world", or "Tell me the right thing"?



What type of forum would you rather post on?



If X often mentioned Y in test by X, ho w would you rather interpret this?

(As an exception, this question is also to check how people who are not autistic would interpret such a situation.)



What type of shops would you rather go shopping to?



Would you rather take a test of the type "Will you press the button", or a math test?

(For people who have never heard of it, here is an explanation - the "Press the button" game is a game of dilemmas, where the player choose if to press the button, or not, in case that pressing it leads to the occurrence of one downside and one upside at the same time.)



Would you rather:

(I think that hard work can help you a lot on this question.)



Would you rather:

(So, my romise of tricky questions is kept.)



If a human, who looked like a chimpanzee literally, did something very good for you,
Would you rather...



If someone who you hated liked you,
Would you rather start liking them or cut them off?



Would you rather...



If someone who you liked 10/10 liked you 8/10, would you rather be satisfied or disappointed?


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