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What kind of underwears should your wear

Every one wears underwears, the question is, what kind should you be wearing, Boxers/panties? Pull-ups? Goodnites? Or maybe full blown diapers? This test will help you answer the question, and if you answer honestly, you may want to at least think about following what your answer says


When was the last time you had a daytime wetting accident



Last time you had a messy daytime accident?



Bed wetting then?



Bed messing?



(Not a question that will affect your score) if your results shows that you should wear pull-ups or diapers, would you follow that advice



Were you ever diagnosed with any form of incontinence? Or have you ever noticed having trouble realizing when you need to go?



What was the reason of your last daytime accident?



What was the reason of your last nighttime accident?



This test is done, but I need at least 10 questions so click on any of these to recive free points towards being clean



Did you like that test? (Won’t affect score


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