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(EXTREME) Warrior Cats Arc 1

PLEASE DO NOT CHEAT!!! How well do you know The Prophecies Begin? (WARNING: this quiz is very, very, very, difficult, and I don't expect anyone to pass with a good score unless they have super good memory or looked up the answers.) the questions will be easy at first and then there will be a mix of medium and hard


Who was the cat that went to the Cutter in Into the Wild?



who was the first to come out of the trees to see Greypaw and Rusty in Into the Wild?



In what chapter do Firepaw and Greypaw go to their first Gathering in Into the Wild?



How many pages are there in Rising Storm?



When Fireheart asked Brightpaw what had caused her injuries, what did she reply?



Who was going to mentor Tawnykit?



Who was the first to protest against Brightpaw's new name: Lostface?



Who was blamed for Spottedleaf's death and Frostfur's kits' disappearance?



Who mentored Swiftpaw before he died?



(EXTRA EXTRA HARD) in which book of the first arc did Fireheart say to which cat: "If I'm any more sympathetic, my fur will fall out!"


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