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The Arnold Rimmer Test

Rimmer, Rimmer, Rimmer... A sniveling insignificant fish of a man who cannot even keep himself in check...
And you want to know how much like him you are? Well it's a smegging good thing I have made this test, hehehe.
Also I still apologise for the kinks in the system...
And now for the test... And his picture


Hello and welcome to the test! I am Sollus, the creator of this test. for the first question: what was Rimmer's nickname at school?



Look at this puppet:

What is the name of this wierd penguin thing?



Imagine being in a bedroom with Yvonne Mcgruder, (A woman Rimmer had a one night stand with one night) What Type of food would you eat before making love?



(For this question you must at least have a mild Red Dwarf knowledge at your disposal) What is the name of the closest thing Rimmer has for a friend?
Here's a clue:



What would you shout to your crew members if you were hiding from a T-rex in the cargo bay?



During the earlier seasons... Rimmer was a hologram because he had been killed in a radiation leak. Now he has a sign on his forehead that shows he is a hologram. What was the sign?



Before Rimmer died in the leak- what were his last words?



During his days of living- He was trying to replace an old military action from the space corps with one of his own. What was he trying to replace?



In the episode: "Quarantine". What was the answer to Dr Lanstroms's riddle to rimmer? "What's dead, and dead, and dead all over?"



And for the Final question: Will you show your cool rimmer graphic to your friends even if they call you a useless gimboid?


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