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Would You Survive A School Lockdown

Try your best to save your self and maybe even others


It's a normal day at school, your in class with your best friend and crush but then they call a code red lock down saying "A STRANGER WITH A GUN IS IN THE SCHOOL" what do you do



If you Screamed your dead but just keep going and If you tried to turn into a unicorn it didn't work so you hid with the rest of the class



The Intruder is pounding on the class room door so you?



If you tried to barricade the door you were close but the killer caught you and you got shot.



Let's say you got into the storage closet and went out the other side into the music room what now



some how the killer got in the room the only people he took were you, your crush, and your best friend he locked you in the small one person staff bathroom and leaves he takes your best friend with him. what do you do



let's say some how you got the door open then your crush kisses you the BEEP BEEP your ringtone go off it's your parents calling you have 7% what do you do



if you said 2 or 3 your dead if you said 1 your parents called the cops and they saved you and told you your best friend had escaped the killer and is ok What do you do know



Any feed back. P.S. also the plush narwhal survived



and finally did you like my test P.S. It's my first


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