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A really hard gravity falls quiz!!!

I really love gravity falls and I love the trivias so I thought "why the crap not" so here I am making the quiz and now I made the quiz so here ya go I guess.


Why does Old man McGucket have a bandage on his beard?



In the episode "Head Hunters" which wax figure melted because of an open window?



What can the magnet gun from the episode "Dipper And Mabel vs The Future" rip out from a mile away acording to Ford?



Is Bill Cipher's hat made of flesh?



TRUE OR FALSE!! In the episode "Not what he seems" does Stan steal a government agent's wallet thanks to antigravity while tied up in a chair?



In the opening sequence of Wierdmaggedon, is Bill Cipher seen in a picture making a funny face by stretching his mouth with his hands?



In Wierdmaggedon, in a game called spin the person, what happens if the person lands on you?



Why does Lazy Susan have a lazy eye?



Is it possible to see Blendin Blandin in the first three episodes?



For the hardest one, what is the symbol of the spray paint can in Wierdmaggedon, the same one Ford used to draw the Cipher Wheel in Wierdmaggedon?


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