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are you KIND

what im trying to do in my quiz it teach people how to be kind to others. why im doing this is because not a lot of people in this world are very kind. they just don't care. so I hope that in my quiz you atleast learn how to be a little bit kinder of a person than you already are


you see someone in the rain without an umbrella, do you



someone has fallen on the ground and there is no one around, do you



you re walking down a hallway when you aicdentally bump in to someone and they drop all their books, do you



do you like this quiz so far



you are being kind if you say yes in the last question



do you hold doors for other people ( be honest !!!!!!)



do you compliment other people



you and your friend are hanging out, but he doesn't have a lunch do you



you see a homless person on the side of the streets do you



are you kind to yourself, your family, god, and other people


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