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Are you an animal person?

This test asks you a few questions of which animal you would probably like best, if you like any at all. Please choose honestly!


What do you like to do on the weekend?



You walk outside to go to work when suddenly, an ugly, mangy, slimy dog runs in front of you, barking its head off. What do you do?



You get in your car and try to start it, but the stupid thing won't start, even though you took it in to get fixed LAST WEEK. What do you do?



Do you have any animal allergies?



How neat are you?



How would your friends or family describe you?



You are sleeping over on a friends couch, but the pillows and cushions all smell like sour milk. Disgusting! What do you do?



Do you ever want kids?



Did you ever have or want a lava lamp?



You just got a brand new pair of shoes when someone spills coffee on them, then walks away without apologizing! What do you do?


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