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Survive a deadly pandemic.

A deadly virus outbreak has infected most of S. E. Asia, and it will soon infect the rest of the world. How likely are you to survive the virus, anarchy, and blood?


Where do you live?



Describe your closest lifestyle:



News of a strange virus in S. E. Asia appears on the TV/radio/newspaper. What will you do?



Do you have any knowledge of firearms?



News reports say other countries have been infected. The virus does not appear deadly but has an unused part of DNA that could cause death. What do you do?



An infected air plane lands in your country. What do you do?



The virus has already infected most of the world, and over the course of a week, developed a 100% mortality rate. Some of your friends have died. What are your actions or guidelines for something like this?



Many months have passed, and there are hardly any people left. Bodies litter the streets, and all the food is gone. Most of the world has died. However, the pandemic has mostly burned itself out. With no new living hosts to infect, the virus begins to die out. What would you do?



You eventually can no longer live where you are. You and whoever you have with you find a car and drive off. Where will you go?



Would you ever kill another person if you had to...



After driving towards your destination, a road block appears and there are people guarding it with guns. What would you do?



You are near your destination, but you see a group of people holding a sign that reads: HELP US


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