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Survive in high school with a killer

Will you die, or survive a killer for 12 hours?


Hour 1: You are eating breakfast, when all lights go off, and theirs screaming in the gym, what you do?



Hour 2: The lights still aren't working, so you decide to go home, but the doors are locked and theirs blood everywhere



Hour 3:your closest classmate admits that he saw that a escaped madman from prison and was caught heading to school, what you do?



Hour 4: Your gf/bf Has disappeared and the killer starts walking near your class room, what do you do?



Hour 5: You are hungry, and need a new hiding spot, where you go?



Hour 6:Your best friend says the killer torches them (set them on fire) in the the gym, their gagged and tied up.You have to save them, get the cell phone from the office in gym, and avoid dying, take friend with or tell him to hide



Hour 7: After avoiding beening seen you finally reach the gym what do you do?



Hour 8: the cell phone died, so you can't call for help, parents will call police cause their worried at 11:00 you must now find a weapon to use incase you are attakced



Hour 9: You get to the libary, and decide you need armor, what will it be made of?



Hour 10: You head back to gym, and you have all this stuff, you decide to set up defences what will it be made of?



Hour 11: in 1 hour the killer will have to go to jail :D, but your gf/bf Has been captured by killer, you reach him and must save her/him!



Hour 12: the police arrive, but he has a knife aimed for your head!



He was captured, now did you like this test? (Won't affect score)


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