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Would you rather III

I haven't seen one of these in forever, so I decided to make my own! (I am not the creater of would you rather I or II) So, have fun I suppose, and find out what YOU would rather do! (This is a MoonDarkWolf quiz. MoonDarkWolf is NOT responsible for any injuries you may aquire due to the awesomeness of this quiz)


First question! Would you rather: bathe in mustard or mayonnaise? (I'm not going to hold back with these questions)



Would you rather: Spend a day with the person you hate THE MOST in the world, or spend an entire day doing homework?



Would you rather: lose your bf/gf right now, this minute, or lose your best friend right at this moment?



Would you rather: listen to Justin Beiber or cut off your own ears?



Would you rather: Grow up to be a Sanitation Engineer (which is a garbage person) or grow up to be a Janitor?



Would you rather: die by beheading, or hanging?



Would you rather: be senile (forgetful) or be illiterate (cant read)



Would you rather be: Smart&depressed or Stupid&happy?



Would you rather: kiss your own sister/brother before you knew you were related OR watch an entire season of a cartoon...in one day?



Would you rather...find out you have a twin you never met...OR...know the twin, but not your parents?


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