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Is Your HP character a Mary-Sue?

Is your character a Mary Sue wizard? Chances are, if they are, you're either not going to find people to RP with, or you'll get kicked from the group you belong to. Take the test and figure out where you stand in the wizarding world of Mary Sues.


Is your character related to any of the following families: Abbott, Avery, Black, Bulstrode, Burk, Carrow, Crouch, Fawley, Flint, Gaunt, Granger, Greengrass, Lestrange, Longbottom, Lovegood, Macmillan, Malfoy, Nott, Ollivander, Parkinson, Potter, Prewett, Prince, Riddle, Rosier, Rowle, Selwyn, Shacklebolt, Shafiq, Slughorn, Travers, Weasley, Yaxley (this includes the Potter family, since they are married into the Weasleys.)



Does your character have any of the following blood traits: Metamorphmagus, werewolf, vampire, veela-blooded, parselmouth, pureblood?



Does your character have any of the following learned abilities: Animagus form, corporeal patronus, occlumency, legilimency?



Does your character's wand have a core that is not canonly listed by JK Rowling/the books?



Is your character any of the following: Quidditch captain, prefect, club leader, top of their class, in all-N.E.W.T. classes?



Is your character's familiar/pet any of the following: Cat, owl, rat, toad?



Is your patronus a mythical creature (unicorn, centaur, dragon, blast-ended skrewt, werewolf, etc)?



Is your character older/younger than the required age at Hogwarts (10-year-old 1st year, 18-year-old 7th year)?



How advanced is your character's magic for their age and school year?



How traumatizing is your character's past?



Can your character perform wandless magic?



Does your character constantly flirt with/hit on other characters?



Do you believe (or does your character believe) they are above the authority of their superiors?



If your character gets into a serious fight/duel/situation, how do they typically come out?



Overall, how would you describe your character?


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