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Could You Survive?

You never know what could happen. Could you survive these situations that could happen out of nowhere, or will you fail the ultimate test?


You are in the open surrended by 15 zombies and you have a shotgun and 5 shells. Are you screwed, or could you survive?



You are in a classrooom with 10 other kids and a shooter comes in. You have scissors, a good possible hiding spot, and a pencil. What do you do?



An escaped prisoner breaks into your house and demands food and clothing. What do you do?



Your walking around main street. You see an odd and suspicious man in black stalking you from behind for several blocks. What do you do?



You are in the middle of an earthquake and the entire world appears to be crumbling. You can choose between 10 little kids or you and 7 of your best friends? (This isn't really survival question, more of a ethical question)



What do you have prepared inside a bag to face an opportunity where you have to leave your shelter during zombie apocolypse?



A ninja assain comes after you in the middle of the night. You have a hardback book and a window in sight. What do you do?



You are trapped in the trunk of a kiddnappers car and you only have your cell phone. What do you do?



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