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Blonde - Kindergarten Blonde Girl

A blonde girl comes running home after her kindergarten class at school and runs to her mom. "Mommy, mommy, today in school we counted to 10 and I could count all the way to 20! Is that because I'm the smartest, mommy?" "Yes dear," the mother replies, "its because you're smartest.

The next day she runs to her mom again. "Mommy, today in class I got the most gold stars! Is that because I'm the nicest, mommy?" "Yes honey, it's because you're the nicest."

After the third day, the girl finds her mom in the kitchen. "Mommy! Guess what! Today in gym class we measured how tall we are and I was tallest! Is that because I'm the best, mommy?" Her mother smiles. "No dear, it's because you're 24."

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