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Sick - Cannibals And 3 Men Part 2 & 3

There was this exploring team of three friends, an Englishman, a Frenchman and a Pole. During one adventure, they stumbled onto an island inhabited by cannibals.

They were duly caught. However, that day, the cannibals were satiated and did not want any more flesh. The Chief of the cannibals then said, "We are full. Lucky you. We are not gonna eat you, but we won't let you go unless you do some punishment. I am gonna whip you on the back, but I'll let you put something on your back before I whip you.

The Englishman asked for some cream to smoothen the impact. The Chief whipped and it was painful

The Frenchman asked for some wine. The Chief whipped and it was painful.

The Pole smiled and asked for the Frenchman to be put on his back.

Part III

3 months later, this exploring team unfortunately stumbled onto the same old cannibals. This time, they were hungry. The Chief said, "We are hungry, we will eat you and use your skins to make our boats. However, because we have old ties, I shall let you choose how you die"

The Englishman took a gun, muttered, "God Save the Queen!" and shot himself

The Frenchman drew his sword, "Viva la France!" and slit his throat.

The Pole asked for a fork. Poked himself till he was bleeding everywhere. Then smiled and said, "So long for your boat."

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