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Warrior Cat Quiz

Ever wondered what you would be like if you lived the life of a warrior cat? Well Do This Test! You find out everything about what youd be like as warrior cat. Names, Clans, Personality, Looks and more


What clan does your loyalty belong to?



What would you describe yourself as?



Your in a fight with another clan. What do you do:



Your out hunting, when a small kit suddenly appears wanting to hunt with you. What do you do?



You go out hunting and you see you clan deputy plotting with rogues. what do you do?



You fall in love with someone from another clan, what do you do?



You are only a kit, but your sister wants to go hunting. Do you go with her?



What type of cats would you be into if you were a warrior cat?



If you had to choose to do something what would it be?



You apprentice is out training with you, when a rouge cat attacks him and wounds him. What do you do?


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