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denotes an age-restricted test.

Would you be my friend? - Just wanna see if you would be
Minecraft - How Well do you know mc?
How Much you know about Stampy,Squid,Dan - lets see if you are the real ones
What grade should you be in - This test will determine which level of education you are at
do you need nappies when your asleep - this test is to see if you need nappies at night
minecraft survival - decides if you can survive minecraft
How to know a friend likes? GIRLS ONLY - This quiz might help you notice that your boy friend likes you or have feelings for you. So don't take this quiz so serious because things can change.
how well do you know stampylonghead - this is about how well you know stampylonghead (youtuber)
Are you me? - Are you my twin? Take this test!
Crazy? - I've been around crazies all my life so I guess I'll figure out if you're a crazy too.
Can You Survive the Huger Games? - Take this test to see if you can survive cunningly and skillfully survive and win the Hunger Games.
code lyoko yumi - this test is to see how much you now about yumi
Do you know Sengoku Basara? - Do you really know Sengoku Basara?
How Well Do You Know Thinknoodles? - See if you know all about the one and only thinknoodles minecraft youtuber
World's HARDEST Minecraft quiz! EVER! - Do you know minecraft?

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