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batista - think you know batista.lets find your best and see how you did
Would you survive a Garden Gnome Attack? - Find out if you would survive.
Do you know BUFFY? - I love and know Buffy. Do you?
mermaid test - this quis will tell you if you are a REAL mermaid or not
Other worlds # 1 - Other worlds number 1
whats your nickname? - this will tell you what your nickname will be!
do you want to date me?! (boys only) x3 - do you want to date me? .. ehehehe
What AF species are you? - Threat's All Knowing Classification Test 8D
are you a true 1D fan? - lets...see guys whether you are a directioner or directionator
How well do you know Frozen? - This will test how well you know Frozen!
Bajan Canadian Quiz - Test what you know on BajanCanadian!
am i country - sweet test to see if your country
Who Is your TMNT soulmate? - Want to know which turtle is right for you?
What fazbear Aniamtronic would you be? - Who are you Freddy, Bonnie, Chica or Foxy??
Zombie Survival Test - Can you survive a zombie breakout? Find out in this accurate and challenging test to see how far you can go. Will you be the last one standing?

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