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freindship - how good-a freind are you
hotti!!! - r u hot ? i should know i am a tomboy babe!
Would You Go With Me? (Girls Only) - Lets date! (pic at end of me)
Does He Like You Back? - Does the object of your affections feel the same for you or are you just hopelessly obsessive?
How well do you know Horrid Henry? - a fun, cool Horrid Henry test
do you think your a nerd ? - if you think your a nerd or want to fingd out if your a nerd or just a bit nerdy this is the test for you plese enjoy
Are you really a Twilight Maniac? - Taking this test will give you an idea of how much you know about the Twilight Saga. Some questions will be hard, some easy, and some RANDOM!Enjoy!
Can you survive an epic zombie uprising? - I think the name pretty much describes the quiz but if you are simple, then it is a test of if you can survive a zombie uprising of epic preportions
am i insane - are you insane
Does he like you? quiz - This quiz for pre teens will tell you if he really likes you or just likes you as a friend.
zombie survival test - can you survive the zombie outbreak
Which of my made up characters are you? - Find out which of my 4 (fav) made-up anime characters you are; Kuragari no Ran(Ran of the Darkness), Hinote Kenage, Mitsukai Tenshi, or Akuma Iyashii. I will also put a small story to it!^^
Wasteland survival quiz - A test to show how you would do in a radioactive wasteland
Hey could you be the one for me? XD - Hey dudes! yeah dudes! just this test...because of boredom yup. Take it if you want and we'll see if we're meant for each other (ohhh corny~) XD
crush test - Is your crush right for you?

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