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denotes an age-restricted test.

r u a hot sexy babe? - sexy is very rare r u 1 of the lucky 1s?
How ugly are you - Do you have friends
Zombie survival quiz - Will you make it?
Am I Pretty - Take the quiz to see if your pretty
r u that redneck going poo in my pool? - hhhhhaaaaaaayyyyy yall done be a redneck ain't ya
How much pee can you hold? - Here you will see how strong or weak is your bladder. Want a challange? Try hold your pee during the test!
Would You Survive the Hunger Games? - Do you think that you would stand a chance in the Hunger Games and win like Peeta and Katniss? Find out in this test!
Would I Date You? (Guys) - I'm a 14 year old girl, would I date you?
do you know Niall Horan? - how well do you know Niall??
Should you (guy) wear earring? - should you wear earrings, guys?
The Gravity Falls Quiz - Gravity Falls fandom: Are you a wannabe or a true fangirl/fanboy?
How much do you know about One Direction - How many facts do you know about the boys?
DanTDM quiz - Take this test to see if you know DanTDM or not
Minecraft first quiz!! - Hey this is my first quiz so sorry if you dont like it:D
SuperYou - What are you in Super form? (Superpower)

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