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denotes an age-restricted test.

How well do you know iHasCupquake - This is a quick and easy test about the youtuber iHasCupquake
Runescape - How much runescape do you play?
if you are bored click here - this test is for people older than........ actually i dont care for your age
Are you good as an Assassin? - Did you ever wanted to know if you are a good assassin?WELL,now you can now!
Can You Be A Gladiator - Do you have what it takes to fight and live in the arena
Horses and you - Do you think you like horses? Time to find out!
Are you like me? - Bbhbhvgftcrcyhikl,lL
Dantdm - You probably know who dantdm is but how well do you know him
Are you my twin - This test is to see if u r my twin.
Are you a wolfblood? (( real test)) - Have an obsession for wolves? You could be one too! Begin the tests and discover your hidden wolf
What's your Warriors cat name and clan!? - Find out your clan personality color & more! hope you enjoy
IS HEROBRINE IN YOUR WOLD - This is a quiz to test if hero brine is in your world (if the answer is yes than please don't get scared it is probably just someone trolling you)
Real Life - See if you know how to make ur life the best of them all!
Does she like you? (C 2015 Andorek) - Do you want to know if your crush likes you? Take this test to find out!
Minecraft: Only for proz - This tests how much you know about Minecraft.

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