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Nick Jonas - Are you a true Nick Jonas fan?
Elite Gamer - Find out if you are an Elite Gamer or not.
EPICEST DANTDM QUIZ 2 - the sequel of the epicest dantdm quiz!
What Do You Like? - The results are just based on how positive you are, this just tracks your interests.
Are you my twin? - Are you MY twin??
Do You Know Yogscast - Are you a yogscast fan or not?
do you love her/him - to let love pick up in the sky dont try to fly because you wil fall
what animal are you on animal jam - this is a test made y clippernails on aj plz feel free to buddy me gift me and trade me so I hope you enjoy this quiz on what animal jam animal are you by the way on YouTube go comment and subscribe t
AWESOMENESS TESTER!! - Do you want to know how high AWESOMENESS LEVEL is? Take this AWESOME test to find out!
zombie survival test - You'll never know if you will survive a zombie attack unless you take this test.
Does she like me? - Wondering if your crush likes you? This is the place to be, my friend.
Are you a real Twilight saga fan? - See how well you know the Twilight series.
DanTDM Fan quiz - How well do you know DanTDM?
Randomness Quiz no.1 (awesome version) - This is a quiz and you must be 15..... don't ask why you have to be 15... you don't have to be 15
"What Band For You" - Which SGS band would you most like to be pleasured by?

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