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How well do you know the hungergames - 50% and up you are a true hunger games fan :)
Are you a Rubber Duckie Ninja? - Are you worthy to be in the elite Rubber Duckie Ninja forces?
Dragonball Z - how well do you know DBZ
Are you obsessed with Lord of the Rings? - Find out if you are a Lord of the Rings fan!
Does Your Crush Like You? - Find out if that special guy you have been crushing on likes you back! Good luck ladies ;)
Zombie Apocalypse! Will you live or die? - Will you survive? This quiz tests your skills, base, weapons, strategy, and more!
rANDOM tEST - ihay ersonpay easeplay aketay ymay izquay!!
Divergent quiz - Trivia on Divergent by Veronica Roth
how to tell if a girl likes you - does your crush like you back?
end of the world - this will determine how well you act when the world ends
dylan sprouse - how much do you know about dylan sprouse ........... i know every thing hahahahaha
How Well Do You Know Transformers? - A test that shows how much you know about the Transformers franchise. Only take this if you're a TF expert, or think you are.
Are you for me (boys only) - Take the test and see if your good for me
Are You a Warrior Cat? - Are you a warrior cat??
Dose he like me Quiz? - This is to she if he or she likes you

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