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The youtuber Test - Put the youtuber to the face!
Are you a nerd? - Find out if you are a nerd! By taking this test, you can tell if you read too many books! Take the test to find out more!
how to tell if a boy likes you - do you want to tell if a boy likes you? Then take this quiz!
my pet zombie - can u own a pet zombie
kane - Think you know kane?
How well do you know Taylor Swift? - How well do you know the most amazing singer ever? Take this quiz to find out!
Can you survive a Xenomorph attack? - Will you manage to survive an alien attack in present day? The setting is your neighborhood.
Will You Survive In Star Wars - See If You Will Survive in Star Wars
Do you know Rosario+Vampire? - Here you can test your knowledge on the awesome manga/anime: Rosario+Vampire! Questions examples: Personality, characters, powers, etc. So enjoy this quiz about Youkai academy (school for monsters)!
Are You and Your Crush meant to be? - Are you and that person meant to be? Or should you be together?
are you my perfect girl(lesbians only) - do you get wet when your alltime crush(girl crush) says she is a lesbian and wants..
Vampire Quiz - How would you be if you were a vampire? IF you are fit to be one...
Hippy test! - This test will give you a good idea if youre a flower child or a conformist
Lab Exam - Anatomy & Physiology - Lab Exam
akatsuki test - what kind of evil could u inflict on naruto? find out here!

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