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denotes an age-restricted test.

Will you survive or die? - Will you survive?
How Stupid are you? - I created this test to see how smart and how dumb you are. Just try your best and dont cheat. If your smart, go out and celebrate!!! But if you arent... try it again.Good luck!
Vinesauce knowledge - Know your characters and memes
Are You Cool - Are you cool well you will figure out now
DO U LOVE ANIMALS!!!!! - What's ur fav animal ??
Are You and Your Crush meant to be? - Are you and that person meant to be? Or should you be together?
What dog breed are you - This is a test made by Ashlyn I hOpe you like it
are you good at call of duty - good at cod...we'll see about that!
How Well Do You Know SmallishBeans? - This Test is For SmallishBeans Fans
Does he like you? Find out now! - Find out if the guy you like likes you back! I'm helping you guys out of my own experience!
MINECRAFT would you survive day 1 - Are you going to die at the start?
ARE YOU INSANE?! - Are u an insane maniac
which madeup harry potter person are you - read the name, which made up harry potter character are you?
How well do u know DanTDM? - This test will test your DanTDM skills not many have passed good luck
What Minecraft Block Are You! - Are you Dirt? OHH STONE! REDSTONE! FIND Out your block now!

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