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denotes an age-restricted test.

Fighter - Test to determine how good a fighter you are
Does she like me? - Does she like me? Well let's find out!
ultimate zombie survival test - What are your chances of surviving a zombie invasion?
rey mysterio619 - the rey mysterio test
What warrior cat are you? Warriors#1-2 - Do you qualify to be a warrior cat? Which one are you? (Kit-leader)
hobo bob - no not today 56
Are You a Sonic Fan - Who Is the best character in the Sonic Series
Do you know the hunger games? - How much do you know about the hunger games? Well test yourself!
How much do you know Terraria - Do even know Terraria??!
how much do u hate justin bieber - justin bieber = bad
Love test - I guarantee this test will make you feel great!
How well do you know Portal 2? - SPACE SPACE SPACE
Are you a true Gohan fan - A quick test to see how much you know about Son Gohan.
Will I like U??? - WILL I LIKE U OR NOT!
which mob are you - this test tells you what mincraft mob are you

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