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What Hunger Games character are you? - Do you want to know what tribute you are in the Hunger games?
How Weird r u? - It is a test 2 see how weird u r :/
Pokemon Quiz - Test your knowledge of Pokemon, their types and abilities
Ultimate Assassin's Creed Quiz - The Ultimate Quiz for Assassins Creed Fans
Are you a werewolf or vampire? - This test tells you if your a vampire or. Werewolf?
Would you survive the Hunger Games? - This is The Hunger Games test.
How well do you know The Hunger Games? - How well do YOU know the hunger games? With the movies coming out, you should test your self how much you know. Have fun!=)
how amazingly epicly awesome are you - how epic r u? r u chuck norris or rick astley?
Is He/She Worth It - Find out if your special someone is worth it!
Killer survival 2 - Play number one!!
Are you perfect for percy Jackson - Find out if percy would like you
The Morgan Test - To see how much you are like MEE
{SR} Soul Reavers - Do you possess the strength to join our ranks?
What is your warrior name? - A test to show your warrior name
how well do you know FNAF 2! check out 1 - do you know it...

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