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Assassin Order - Answer the questions about the Assassin's Creed series ...(Warning:This test may contains Black Flag questions too SPOILER ALERT) THIS TEST MADE BY BERKAY CAGDAS ULGER
Are you really besties?! - This is a test to find out if you and your friend are really besties!
Jacksepticeye Quiz - Jacksepticeye quiz. Quiz for bosses! Test your knowledge of Jacksepticeye!
Creepy pasta - how brave are you?
How Pretty Are You - Are you pretty? A detailed test for girls!
Would I date you? *guys only* - Only if you live in the US
Random or Not? - The most randomest questions you have ever seen just to see how random u r...
Mine craft Survival Test 2 - The second survival test! Are you up for it?
Hunger Games simulation #1 - A simulation that predicts your HG survival.
Will you survive the vampire apocalypse? - VAMPIRE APOCALPSE
R U A WWE Fan - This test will quiz you on how much you know about the wwe stars and the business alone
DanTDM EPIC fan quiz - How big of a fan are you?????????
Can we date?(10-13)boys only plz - See if we would date ;)
Jedi /Sith - Jedi or Sith which one will you be?
How Bad Do You Gotta Pee? - Ever been desperate for a bathroom, mother nature weighing down on you, pressuring your full bladder to the enth degree? And is now one of those times?

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