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denotes an age-restricted test.

Would I date you? (For guys ;P) - Would I date you? ;)
Pretty girl - This is a test to show your inner/ outer prettyness!
Do you really know stampylonghead - This test will tell you if you really know the loved YouTuber stampylonghead
Are you a mega Nerd? - Find if your a nerd
Official Fat Quiz - Unsure if your belly is fat or flat? Find out now! Designed for Men, but compatible with Women.
Are you just like me? - This test is to see if there is anyone who is just like me judging by personality and looks
detailed zombie apocolypse survival test - this test will tell you whether or not you could survive the zombie apocolypse..
Minecraft Quiz - How much do you know about this game?
Are you Hot??? - Plz only gals ill tell ya wether i think your hot.
Minecraft Zombie Knowledge Quiz - How much do you know about Minecraft zombies? Take this quiz to find out!
Minecraft Quiz 1.8 - A test on how well you know Minecraft and minecraftians
Crush - Find out if your a good crush
minecraft survival quiz - see how well you can survive in minecraft including pvp mode (player v player). learn how to defend and make your base.
Are You A Minecraft Diaries Expert? - Do you know Minecraft Diaries Season 2?
PotatoChip101: Hero or Sidekick? - Sidekick or Superhero?

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