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Are you popular - Well, you know you wanna tell the world!
Would you survive my horror movie? - WiIl U live or die?
How alike are you to me? - How are you and me alike? Take this quiz to find out?
Metroid Fan - Are you really a Metroid fan?
Zombie Survival - The Ultimate Quiz to test your survival against zombies.
Would I date you? Boys only - Would I date you? Boys 11-13
Are you the one for me? (Guys only) - Ok so I'm a 13 year old (almost 14) girl just wondering if there is a perfect guy out there for me :)
are you funny - the ulimate test to find out if your funny
ninja - A test to see if you are a true ninja.
Would I date you (guys only 12-15) - Would I date you or nah
How well do you know Pakistan? - Test your knowledge about Pakistan
Could we be friends? - Welp i hope you enjoy!
you like men? TEST - find out if you like men!
Are you and him meant to be? - Does he like you? Are you meant to be? Find out with this quiz!!

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