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denotes an age-restricted test.

How much do you know MLP? - Just a random test I made for fun
How cool are you - How cool are you?
DANTDM - TDM is the best he is awesome
TheDiamondMinecart test - this does NOT mean you are not a fan, just a little thing i made to test your memory
Are you a tomboy or a gurlygurl - Are you a tomboy who couldnt care less or a girlygirl who thinks that all this typing could seriously cause some major nail damage
What unicorn are you? - fluffy? evil? what unicorn?
How well do you know Jamie Oliver? - Are you a man or are you a joke?
How much do you love Twilight????? - This is a test to see how much of a Twilight fan you are. Do you dare take it?
Stampy's Lovely Quiz - How well do you know stampy? Take this test to see if you're secretly a stalker to him, or a random person who doesn't know what to do.
are you a noob at minecraft? - do u want to know if your a noob at minecraft then answer this test!
How Well Do You Know Minecraft - Minecraft, if you play take this quiz
Captain America Civil War Teams - Are you with Captain America or Iron Man?
How well do you know captain swan - This quiz will see if you truly ship captain swan!!
Total Slut - Woman, Are you a slut of not ?
How Well do You Know Animal Jam? - How well do you think you know Animal Jam?

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