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Will You Survive The Zombie Armagedon - Can you survive it all when zombies take over and Armageddon begins
would we date (boys only) 11-13 - I have brown hair brown eyes my hair is down mid way of my back i love cheerleading and are you my perfect boyfriend
Minecraft pro test - Minecraft pro test
offenderman (creepypasta) - what would you do if you saw offenderman
Simpsons Trivia - The Simpsons Quiz!
Do You Know Justin Bieber? - Do you think you know everything about Justin Bieber? To find out, take this test to see if you have Bieber Fever!
How well do you know Frozen? - Half hard half easy
Would you make a good zombie? - We have all taken zombie survival tests. But what about zombie survival tests? Take this test to see if you would be a successful zombie.
How well do You Know MB? - HOPE YOU LIKE IT VERY MUCH!
Are you a cold blooded killer? - Are you capable of killing everyone in sight? Find out by taking this quiz!(Do not actually kill anyone becuase the test said you are capable of doing that!!!!)
Would one of you ladies date me? - A test to see if you are a match for me.
can you survive the apocalypse - states if you will survive the zombie apocalypse.
Who to date(boys only) - what type of girl you should date
Chuck Norris - Don't take this test if you donnot plan on getting 100% but if U leave that just means you r gunna get something wrong and Chuck is gunna rondhouse ya to the face/kill you.
what hurts your heart - do you suffer from a feeling

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