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denotes an age-restricted test.

How to know if you are awitch - Are you a witch find out
Superpower - Whats your power?
How Well Do You Know Sqaishey Quack? - Will she actually do this?! Make sure to tell her about it
How old are you really? - OK, so you know how old you are, but does the age on your birth certificate match the age you really are?
the vampire test - this test lets u know if you are a vampire
Are you evil? - Explains your level (if you have one) of your evil side.
Are You a Freak? - So, do YOU think you're a freak?
would you survive a zombie overrun - will you survive??
TAKE THIS IF YOUR ABOUT TO PEE - this will show you how much you need to be.
TheDiamondMinecart test - This test will prove if you really are a DanTDM fan answer all questions to prove yourself worthy to be a DanTDM fan or not.
Would you survive in Rapture? (Bioshock) - Can you survive in Rapture? Or will you die a splicer...
how whell you know theDiamondMinecraft - A fan made test
Will you marry your crush? - read the title!!!!!!!!!
Which Sonic character are you By PKMN5Ds - Deciding that some sonic "who are you" quizzes were predictable and odd (srsly, who here guards a stone?) I decided to make one. Enjoy :)
Would I date you? (GUYS ONLY) - Would I date you? Well I'm a fourteen year old girl and I have blue eyes, brown hair, pretty tan body, I like to play football and I love reading!

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