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denotes an age-restricted test.

Ihascupquake - This is for quakers
!!!randomness!!! - A fun and random test for no real reason! :D
The Weird Test - How Weird Am I?
The Twilight quiz - basically just another twilight quiz challenging your twilight knowledge
Does he like/love you??:) - Find out if your crush really loves you or not!
Should you get a dog? - Should you get a dog, for reals
The Best Zombie Survival Quiz - The best way to see if you will survive a zombie apocalypse!!!
How Well Do You Know Your Pop Songs? - Identify which song the lyrics belong to
DUMDADUMDUM - r u a hopeless dumbass?
5th Grade Boys Only: Does She Like Me? - Do You Want To Know If She Likes You? If So Take The Test And Rateð
Ninja - Find out where you would rank as a ninja.
The Roblox Quiz! - This is The Roblox Quiz! Do you know your roblox????
Stampy Cat quiz - Know the Popular kid friendly youtuber stampy? take the test!
Warrior Cat names that suits you! - You take the test and then I give you a name that suits your personality
grand theft auto 5 quiz - how well do you know grand theft auto 5

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