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denotes an age-restricted test.

do you like him - GIRLS ONLY do you like or are you obsessed or will you get over him quick
How Well Do you Know DanTDM? - Put your brain to the test for Dantdm.My test is put together for peaple who are fans or just want to challenge themselves.
Am i random or normal? - Are you random or normal?
Can you survive a night at Freddy's? - Are you ready for Freddy?
Are you a true WWE fan? - test your skills to see if you are a true WWE fan
TDM Test - Thediamondmincart quiz tests your knowledge to the limits
Are you a super stampy fan? - Hello do you know who stampy is? Well you are about to find out now have fun :)
happiness - How happy are you?
will you survive the zombie apocalypse - test to see if you live or die
DanTDM - Hi this is my first quiz!
dumberer - Are you dumb or dumbest ir dumber or dumberer?
are u a soul reaper - are u a soul reaper
r u a animal lover - do u love animals well u can find out here
kitty test - This is a test about kittens/cats. Take this test to see if you know a lot about kittens!
Stupid Test - The Stupid test

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