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denotes an age-restricted test.

Are you part cat? - Are you part cat?
Terraria noob test - are you a noob at terraria? find out here!
Are You Nice? - Find out if you are a nice person!
Are you stupid? - Think you're smart? Think agian.
Would you survive a zombie apocalypse? - This test is for you to answer what you will do when you hear that there are walking dead invading Earth and infecting every human.
Kingdom Hearts Hard - My 14th Test. Kingdom Hearts quiz.
Are you weird like me - People say I'm weird That just means I'm limited edition are you also limited edition
Would you rather 1 =)) - Would you most likely die?
How Well do You Know Bratayley - Do you really know Bratayley?
Zombie Survival Quiz; For a change. - This is, like every other test around, a zombie survival test. I shall attempt too minimize generalizations, and use the military knowledge that i have. Tally ho!
Could you be my boyfriend? - i was bored so ya (boys only)
What Is Your Hidden Talent? - Have you ever wondered what you were born to be good at? Are you unsure of your true talents? Take this quiz and discover your hidden talents!
what monster high doll are you - take this test to see what monster high girl you are!
Hard Lotr - A rather hard Lord of the Rings Test
How Well Do You Know Lab Rats? - Test your knowledge of the show Lab Rats. Are you a Super Fan or someone who doesn't know a thing about Lab Rats? Find out after this test!

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