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denotes an age-restricted test.

Could you survive the zombie apocalypse? - Do you have what it takes to live in the zombie apocalypse?
witch espada are you more like - i wonder who u are
Extreme Family Guy Test - My 22nd test! It's an extreme Family Guy test!
Sanity - Do you belong in an asylum? Lets find out.
Justin Bieber Fan Quiz - Great test!!!(:
are you a pro on minecraft? - are you a pro on mc?
Which k-on! character are you? - Which character that looks most like you? :)
LUV - are u good at sex
Are you a depressed? Can i cheer you up? - Take this fun quiz which would probably cheer you up if you are depressed!
Chuggaaconroy Quiz - For hardcore Chuggaaconroy fans.
FNAF Test 1,2&3 quiz - Bestfnafquiz (Five nights at Freddy's)
Vampire helper test. - This test will determine weather you are a helpful vampire and you are willing to go out of your way to help other vampires.
Are You A True Directioner? - Are you a true directioner? Take the test to find out!
Zombie survival test - WARNING if you do not belive in zombies or you have religions than do not take the test/quiz
pewds - hey bros and stuff

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