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denotes an age-restricted test.

would you live if aliens atacked earth? - would you survive an atack
Can you survive the Titanic? - Will survive or die?
hardy boyz - world wrestling entertaminnt
Does your crush like you - do you know if your crush(s) likes you? DO THIS TEST!
Do you attract girls? (GUYS) - Do girls find you attractive?
The best dantdm - Do you know dantdm more than him
Great Naruto - Hard Naruto Test
r u a stampy genius - how much do u know about stampy
undertaker - this test is perfect for wwe fans
Slendermane survival - Can you survive Slender???
Karly Zombie - Karls Zombie armageddon test - Have you got what it takes? find out!
MINECRAFT QUIZ - Are you likely to survive Minecraft? Take this quiz to find your fate.
Will you survive a Zambie apocalypse - hello friends hi
Random - How random are you?
What will you do when zombies attack? - This is a test of how you would react to situations in a zombie outbreak not a survival test BE HONEST!

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