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denotes an age-restricted test.

How ninja are you? - Check here if you are a true ninja.
will you survive a alien invation - this test will show you what your chances of surviving are
Diamond minecart test - This will test u on how we'll u know thediamondminecart
What Star Wars Character Are You - This test will tell you weather your Jedi or Sith, Clone or CIS, General or Privite
Team Crafted Test (HARD) - This is a test about Adam, Jason, Ty, Jerome, Mitch and Shine. Hope you enjoy!
The Bimbo Test - Find out weather you are a bimbo or a know it all.
The Minecraft Quiz - This is a test to see how good you are at Minecraft.
Find your warrior name. 0.0.6 - Find your warrior name and clan!
what walking dead person are u - now you can know what walking dead charactar you are
Are you an undercover princess? - See if you are a true undercover princess with this test made by a unicorn (that's me) P.S. This test is for GIRLS ONLY
Do you need diapers? - Do you need diapers? Do you have a fetish? Do you like them? or do you actually need them?
Are you the awesomest??? - You are cool!!!!!
Are you stupid? - Think you're smart? Think agian.
Which Cullen Are you? ( Twilight) - This test will tell you what cullen you are
Do You Know Creepypasta? - Lets see how well you know the creepypastas

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