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Are you my long lost Twin!? - Are you really my twin?! CLICK TO FIND OUT!
Will you survive a School Lockdown 3? - JUST PLAY IT, I am the one, who created will you survive a school Lockdown 2 and 1
Will you survive a School Lockdown 4? - i am back with school lockdown 4, hope you guys like it, i am a savage.
are you smart? - Are you smart? take this test and find out.
Will you survive a school Lockdown? - Will you survive the Jeff school lock down?
Are you like me? - This test will show if ur in love with makeup or not
The easy maths test - This is a good maths test
How Much Do You Love Pizza? - Hi! Welcome to this Pizza Quiz! With your Maker! - Alex
Would we be best friends? - Besties, friends, meh, or enemies?
Are you and your BFF true friends - Do you know your best friend or are you just 2 people hanging out together
Ultimate Dantdm quiz - Dantdm is a good youtuber
Would you rather (fun positive version) - If that situation occured, what would you rather do? Have fun!
How well do you know Wengie? - This test (how well do you know Wengie) will give you questions for wengie. If you lose you get nothing and if you win you get nothing.Hope you have fun doing this test!!
how well do you know ldshadowlady? - see if you have the brains to know the answers to the amazing ldshadowlady quiz

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