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How DUMB are you? - Wanna see if you're real dumb? Take this test to find out!
How many subs would you get? - Let's see how many subs you will possibly get on youtube
How STRANGE are you? - Wanna know how strange you are? Take this test to find out!
Are you Nice? - If you are unsure if you are a nice person or not then take this test!!!!
Are you a true DanTDM fan? - Do you think you are a TRUE DanTDM fan? Do this test to find out!
Do you know Alex Wassabi - Are you a real wassabian
Test of Randomness - just a random stupid quiz that i made for no reason
Where do you live? - just do it make your dreams come true
Would You Rather #8 - Would You Rather
Are you a gamer? - If you want to find out if you are a true gamer PLEASE take this TEST!!
Am I A boss? - Find out if you're a boss.
How well do you know LDShadowlady? - This quiz will test your Knowledge on the famous Youtuber LDShadowlady
UNDERTALE QUIZ for undertale freaks ONLY - Dedicated to: Sans, Papyrus, Frisk, Toriel, Asriel, Asgore, and more beloved undertale charecters
DanTDM Quiz 2016/2017 - Lightning Strike
Are you dumb - This is very easy

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