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denotes an age-restricted test.

I can guess your name - Can I guess it?
Are You More Werewolf or Werecat? - Take this test to find out if you are more werewolf or werecat?
Can I Guess Your Name? (Female) - Girls only! Can I guess right, or at least be close?
Trick Questions! By Nerdguy! - This test is made by Nerdguy. Please play it!!!
Just some questions - Something like a similarity test, but not exatly
smartnessness test - Do you think you're smart? Take this quiz to find out!
What music are you interested in? - This test is meant to tell you what we firmly believe your favorite song is. (Not accurate)
Music Lyrics Quiz! - Welcome to the Music Lyric Quiz! I will give you a song lyric, and you have to match it up with the song that it is from! This quiz has several different song genres!
dora the explorer! (she sucks) - DORA SUCKS! r u cool?
How Much Do you Know About Harry Potter? - Think you know everyhing about hRry Potter? Think again.
"Would you rather" (mixed edition) - The "Would you rather" Game is known to be fun and interesting.
the real nerd test - 123456789101112131415
Are you UK person? - Are you United Kingdom?
Will you be my friend on Roblox? - If you get a high score, you will receive my username on Roblox!
how serious are you - RGARARAGAAnhbbbbbb bhhh

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