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denotes an age-restricted test.

what animal are you? - woof? meow? hissss? squeek?
Extreme Luck - extreme luckyness test
Does he like you? (from a real boy) - Does he like you?
Am i cool - Find out how cool you are or if your just a wedo
Which wolf are you? - Are you an Alpha or an Omega wolf? Find out!
How well do you know Dantdm - How well do you know Dantdm
Would you survive a nuclear attack? - Will you be able to survive a nuclear attack?
COULD YOU SURVIVE THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE? - In this quiz are questions that will test your courage, determination, and zombie know-how.GOOD LUCK:)
Are you a DenisDaily fan?? - Are you a true DenisDaily? I luv denis sooo much :3 If denis ever played this I WILL DUMP ICE ON MY HEAD :3
Mermaid Test - Are you a mermaid
random quiz - this is so random
DanTDM Quiz 2017 - Here Is a Quiz On How Well You Know DanTDM!!
How Well Do You Know Alex Wassabi? - Are you a true Wassabian?.
Does he REALLY like you? - Feel like that boy wants a ticket out of Friendtown? Take this quiz to find out!
random quiz - good quiz 10/10

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