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Does He Like You? For 11-14 year olds - Not 100% accurate, but find out if a boy likes you! (for girls only)
What YouTuber Are You? - 12345678910111213141516
The Pals What do you know?!? - Let's see what you know about The Pals YT!
The Roblox quiz(2018) - This quiz tests your knowledge of the popular social platform, Roblox.
Would you be a good BabySitter? - Find out if you would be a good babysitter! <3 Enjoy!
Should you really be wearing underwear? - This moderate length test will determine if you need to be wearing underwear or maybe something with a bit more protection against those "accidents."
The Impossible Quiz - I'm Nerdguy...!
Minecraft Quiz - This quiz is to text your knowledge about Minecraft.
do u know popuarmmos - do you know popularmmos?
Alex/CraftedRL Quiz - Let’s see how well u know Alex/CraftedRL or maybe you are Alex?
Jake Paul Quiz - This proves if you’re a Jake Pauler
Are You Like Me Or Not? - Have you figured out you may be me
How Well Do YOU Know Flamingo ( Albert ) - ACK got h ACK ed o f ACK
Do you know Scetch? - Yes and okay and yes and okay and yes and okay.
Does She Like You? - This is a quiz to see if a girl likes you

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