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denotes an age-restricted test.

Stampy Quiz - How well do you know Stampy?
Denis quiz - If u think u know Denis enough take test
Dummiez - Can yu pas te tist fr dummiez
DanTDM quiz - In this quiz you enter a world of dantdm... ness
Am I a book lover test - a test to prove your love for books
Are you a real DanTDM fan? - This test can show you if you are a true fan of dantdm, or not
8BIT Scorpion Quiz - Test based on the YouTuber 8BIT Scorpion.
Dantdm Diamond Quiz - This is a quiz for people that are in TeamTDM and If DanTDM plays this hi
Are You Pretty? - This Test Will Show You That You ARE Pretty!
warrior personality test - this is a warrior cat personality test. it shows what your clan will be, and your personality!
How well you know dantdm - Show your smartness in my test
The easy est game in the world - This is just a simple 10 question quiz
Which warrior cat are you? - Warrior cat test!warrior cat test!
Are You Stupid? - this could be a troll u know
Are you 11? - Are you 11 or are you older or younger

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