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ihascupqauke test - ihascipqauke is a youtuber and my sis loves her so special for sis wooooo
Stupidity - See how dumb you are
Are U strict or random- personality test - Are you more random or stricter, than an average person? This is something like a personality quiz.
Would you rather? (Hard decisions) - Would you rather? take this test, and suffer, because I think it's pretty hard
Are you Smarter than a Idiot - This test will tell you if you're smarter than an Idiot or not. This is only for Entertainment.
how well do you know about 9/11 - Do you know all about the attack of 9/11
dantdm - hope you enjoy this quiz
Will you survive a school Lockdown? - Will you survive the Jeff school lock down?
The easy maths test - This is a good maths test
Ultimate Dantdm quiz - Dantdm is a good youtuber
How well do u know twenty one pilots? - How well do u know the twenty one pilots you ask? Let's find out!!
Would you rather (fun positive version) - If that situation occured, what would you rather do? Have fun!
How well do I horse ride? - A test to see how good you are at horse riding!
ULTIMATE DANTDM QUIZ - dan is cool and has pugs
What Element Is Your Spirit Element - What Element are you? Find out with this AMAZING test!!!!!!!!

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