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The temper test

This test will let ya know if you have a short temper. Choose the right answers and you'll get a good percentage!


You are at McDonald's and ask for a large Soda. The woman brings you a medium soda. What would you do?



You and your friend see a homeless man sitting outside a bar and asks you for money. What do you do?



You finally see an open parking spot after searching for a good 45 minutes and a rich trophy wife zooms in and parks there, instead. What would you do?



You are on your way out of the grocery store and you notice on the receipt that the cashier did not charge you for the box of cereal. What do you do?



Your child's daycare teacher gives your son fruit snacks. The suagr and red dye gives your kid an allergic reaction and he is bouncing off the walls! What do you do?



A kid at school is cheating off your tests. You:



You find your boyfriend kissing another girl. What would you do?



You get s strict teacher for Science and she gives you a Saturday detention for talking in class. What would you do?



You see a car wreck ont he side of the road and no paramedics. You:



Your brother is listening in on your phone call. What do you do?


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