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Would you rather? (fun questions)

I have created all "would you rather" questions in this quiz. I always create my tests and quizzes on my own.
Maybe the question about the gender is trivial, but it does not influence your result, and it is just for the statistics.

All the other questions in this quiz are of the type "Would you rather'
And here, in this quiz, it is the first time when I am asking them!

I am not interesting at all about how many stars you will rate this quiz. Because almost all test takers likie my tests. But most of the, skip to rate them.

Some questions have a higher weight than other questions.
All questions in this quiz are relaxing.

A quiz by: Ivo Atanasov, an autistic man from Bulgaria, South-East Europe.


What is your gender?

(your result in this quiz does not depend on your answer to this question)



If you were asked who you liked more, what would you rather answer?



Would you rather...



Would you rather...



Who would you rather make friends with?



Who would you rather praise?



Would you rather...



Would you rather...



If you were asked about your favorite type of quizzes, which category would you rather choose?



Would you rather...


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