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Will you survive a school lock down?

Hello, in this test you will see if your a true survivor or if you die.


You are in math class when the intercom announces that the school is on lock down. What do you do?



You hear screams and gun shots. What do you do?



You hear the gunman enter the room. He shoots the desks. What do you do?



The gunman goes downstairs. Where do you go and why?



You are inside of a classroom. You see blood and your BFF who was shot in the hip. What do you do?



You see gunmen inside and outside. They are holding your crush hostage. What do you do?



The gunman confront you and shoot you in the stomach. Then they run. What do you do?



You manage to call the cops. They come but the cops are outnumbered. They call backup. Your life is sweeping away right before your eyes. What do you do to get the cops attention?



The gunmen are outnumbered and get arrested. You are still in terrible condition and outside there is a huge thunderstorm and the school is still on lock down. What do you do to help relieve the pain.



The ambulance arrive but cannot go in because a gunman is still alive and killing policemen. What do you do?


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