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Will you survive being stranded?

Want to figure out how long you would survive on a island or if you'd even survive at all! Well if you do then do this test.


You wake up to the sandy beach of a island. You look around. What do you instinctively do?



You find some coconuts but don't know how to crack them open. What do you do?



You hear grunts and voices. You get scared. What will you do?



You find a group of humans. They don't speak english. What do you do?



You walk up to a cottage. You hear growls and screams. What do you do?



It's night and you have no bed. What do you do?



You wake up and stand face to face with a wolf. What will you use?



You are down to no food. What do you do?



You are in dire need of water. What do you do?



You hear thunder and feel alittle drop of water fall on your arm. What do you do?



You hear a loud flapping noise. You look up and see a helicopter. What do you do?


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