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Do you know how to survive in Minecraft?

Blah Blah, who cares about this description just enjoy my quiz, don't worry I would have gotten it wrong if I was new


Your first spawn into your lovely world. What do you do first?



You got some tools and you know have 23 cobblestone. What do you do now?



you have cobblestone and wood. Night is coming. What do you do?



You survived you first night! ( I could do that -.-) what should you do today?



It's your second day bravo! You decide to go mining what do you bring?



After your mining trip you bring back: 24 iron, 1 diamond, 64 redstone, and 57 lapis. What do you do with all those?



it's a day to relax, nothing exciting. What do YOU want to do? (Sorry, there I only one answer I wish there was more :c)



After a day of relaxing you go down in the mine you are really lucky and find 26 diamonds what do you craft?



your finally decide to get some obsidian to go to the nether. What do you say? Go for it?



you go to the nether (yay) and you decide to gather some stuff what do you gather?


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