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CreepyPasta, Choose your own parts!

You get turned into a creepypasta, Jeff tells you to go on a killing spree. DO YOU?


You are going food shopping with your friend when a lorry comes and hits you. For some reason you survived, but... Your friend Was not so lucky... :(



Let's say you crawl out and return home. You start crying a bit but stop, when you start walking upstairs someone stabs you in the elbow with a VERY sharp knife, what do you do?



You end up in a strange room tied to a wooden chair.(You could break it easily. Well, if you had a knife) A creepypasta comes in.Who is it?



Jeff the killer comes into the room... "Oh. Hey kid, You're a creepypasta!"



You get untied. What do you do?



Jeff leads you to a room packed with Creepypasta characters. They ask you what your new name is...



Jeff says to choose your BEST creepypasta to go on a killing spree, who do you pick?



You choose Jeff, He hands you a knife and takes you to a house, You go in it and lock the door. You start to feel sorry for that kid.He is only four... :(



You realize this is... YOUR GIRLFRIENDS HOUSE... OH NO! You have killed... Her GUESTS CHILD. :( NOO!



A killer comes up to you and says "This is a robbery, GIVE ME ALL YOUR ITEMS" When you look at him he dies... Jeff: Wow! Your face is so horrible it kills people o_O You look in a mirror... WHY IS MY FACE PINK..? -__-





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