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Will you survive a school phyco

This test is here to show you if you can survive a school killer and what you will do


You hear on the moniter that a phsyco is on the loose in the school, where do you hide?



Imagine you chose the cafeteria. You go and find your friends, your crush and his friends. Suddenly you hear footsteps! What do you do?



The footsteps go away. Your crush says he wants to speak to ou in private. What do you say?



You go in private and he tells you that he really likes you but has been shy so he couldn't tell you sooner. What is your reaction?



He leans in for a kiss. What do you do?



You hear a scream. It sounds like one of your friends. What do you do?



You go back and find the killer chocking our best friend. What do you do?



The phyco lets go of your friend and starts coming after you. What do you tell your crush to do?



Your crush grabs a knife from the cafeteria and stabs the phsyco who dies. The only survivors are you your BFF and your crush. What do you do?



Do you think you survived?


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