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How long could you survive slenderman?

You wake up in the woods in the middle of the night. You start walking but sense someone following you. You quicken your pace. You look back and start running. You could have sworn you saw somebody...


You wake up on the ground of a forest. You wake up and...



You pass a tree that looks interesting. You...



You see a tree with a piece of paper on it. It shows a tall man crudely sketched, withthe words NO NO NO all over it. You



You come across an empty bathroom. You then...



You look back when you hear a twig snap. You see a man dart behind a tree.You recall seeing him on the paper. So you...



Your flashlight is out of batteries but you remember seeing a truck that might have batteries. But that means turning back. Do you go back?



You have been running and you feel as if you are going to faint. You...



You drop your flashlight and it rolls into the woods. You hear somebody close to you. Do you retrieve the flashlight?



You fall and hurt your ankle. You see the man coming and you...



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