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The Console Literacy Test

the hopes of this test is to discover how smart you are in the beings of the console gaming world.

1) The next Generation (PS3/360/Rev) which console has the most hardware power from the system specifications? or if none are available, by what developers have stated?

360, it's just awesome
360, the video card and memory of the 360 surpas that of the PS3 and Rev
PS3, its just better than the others!
PS3, the Cell processor gives it that extra oomph of power.
Revolution, even though we have no system specs for it, it sounds promising.
None, it all depends soley on the developers desiging prefrence and experience

2) A game for the PS2 is made, shortly after it is released on the xbox. yet the graphics are nearly the same. why?

The Xbox was designed poorly.
Its a port, ports are always having graphical problems.
The designers of the game just dident try hard enough to port it
I dont care about graphics.

3) Two of your best friends are arguging about which controller is better: The PS2 Dual-shock, and the Xbox Controller S. what do you contribute to their argument?

What about the GC controller? its not that bad...
Definately the PS2 controller, its small and fits my small hands.
The Xbox controller, the Joystick is in the perfect spot, under the thumb where it should be
pfft, Xbox 360, it is like the Xbox controller, but is wireless and features long battery life and fast reaction times plus shoulder buttions.
Forget all those choices, Atari made the best controller of all time, plus its simple!
I like the Revolution controller, its innovative!

4) You have to chose, the Xbox version or the PS2 version of the same game that you want. (hypotheticly you own both consoles)

PS2 version, i just got used to the PS2 controller
Xbox, it has better graphics/or more features
Neither, ill wait till it comes out on the Game Cube
Nah, i hate making these decisions. ill just get something else

5) You are playing a First Person shooter, it is at a steady 50fps and is being played in 480p on your HDTV. what game are you playing?

Metroid Prime
Halo 2

6) Sony says the PS3 will launch in spring. with all the information and also the lack of information. Is a spring launch even possible for sony?

Yes, DUH its sony.
No, DUH its sony.
I duno

7) A new video is released by Sony for a popular upcoming game, sony says its realtime graphics, the developers are saying its not. who is lieing?

The Developers. Sony never lies.
Sony, Sony lies all the time.
I duno

8) Microsoft had a lack of 360's on their launch day.. why?

Because microsoft is and evil corporate empire.
They are Emulating the PS2 launch to the detail
Rebels broke into the warehouses and stole all the stock to sell on E-bay
People just wanted the console, it wasent any conspiricy, just supply and demand. a complete accident!
I duno

9) Xbox Live or PS2 Online? which is better?

Xbox Live Gold: it has more features, lagless gaming, etc etc and all for the small price of $50 a year
Xbox live Silver: all the features of gold, minus online gaming, and for free! and all games are online too.
PS2 online, no monthy fee and online gaming for a few titles.
Gamecube online, its got... uhh, PSO!

10) Linux is available for which consoles?

Xbox, via modding
PS2, via a secret kit that noone knows about
Both of the above
No Consoles can have linux run on them

11) Which console has had the most modding/hacking/odd use of, its been turned into webservers, can be taken apart and have the parts upgraded.

Xbox 360
HA opening the console Voids the warranty!
The PS2, because gamers had to open it up to fix DRE errors.

12) The 360's overheating is due to:

It being a horrible console.
Not enough air room.
Manufacturing error
It doesnt matter, every console has its share of errors.
Mike Meyers.

13) By far which is the most overrated console of the current line.

Playstation 2
Xbox 360
Bah, they arent overrated.

14) Does more processing power make better graphics?

Yes, OMG yes,
Yes, but not THAT much
Not really
The only way is via Physics.
Nope, GPU is what determines the graphical capabilities.
I dont know

Which do you value more, Gameplay or graphics.

Gameplay, I find that i enjoy a game more with better gameplay.
Gameplay, but it has to have graphics that wont make me puke
Why cant a game have both?
Graphics, because they allow for me to get immersed into the game.
Graphics, i play online anyway, gameplay doesnt matter to me.

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Test by: Rhot [ edit ]

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