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The Nappy Test

This is a test to find out just how addicted to cloth nappies you have become, do you eat, sleep and breath them, or is there more to life than that?!?

1) Do you use cloth nappies?

Yes Always
Most of the time
Some of the time
Thinking of using them
Tried them didn't like them
No never

2) How many cloth nappies do you own (approx)

One or two just to try
Between five and ten
Eleven to fifteen
Fifteen to twenty five
Far more than I'll ever need, just keep buying them!

3) How many different types of cloth nappies do you own?

One, didn't like won't try again
One, like it, stick with it!
Two or three just to check I've got the right ones
Quite a few, like to try different ones out
Hundreds, have to try everyone that I come across

4) You see someone at your local baby club, clinic, group using disposables, would you talk to them about cloth?

No don't be silly
I didn't get on with it so if the conversation came up I might tell them that
If I knew them or they asked I might do
I'd keep my little one in just a nappy for a while while changing in the hope someone might notice and ask
I might mention it but only in passing to see if they were interested
No one talks to me at these things anymore, I go on about cloth too much!

5) Have you concidered becoming a cloth advisor?

No way, never
Don't think I'd be much good, my cloth experince wasn't good
Would be nice to do something I'm interested in I suppose
I've seriously concidered it
Am one, or am about to be one
I'd pay them to let me talk about cloth nappies all day

6) Have you ever used disposables?

Yes thats all I use
I'd like to use cloth but disposables are just too easy
I use them at night or when I'm out
I'd use them in an emergency, but would try to use eco ones if I could
I have done before, but never will again
I'd rather stick red hot pins in my eyes

7) What got you interested in cloth?

Nothing would get me interested in cloth
Thought it might be a nice idea but just didn't work out for me
Liked the look/idea of them so thought would give it a go
The price/enviroment was key for me
Looked into it while still pregnant liked more and more the more I looked
Can't remember not being into cloth, I have always loved it, cloth is my life

8) A new nappy comes onto the market, would you get one?

No, never in a million years
Might look, but cloth hasn't been that good for me, why should this be different?
No, I've probably got enough to be honest with you
I'd look and want one, but I really can't aford it, they do look nice though
If it was something a bit new or different then yes, I would be tempted anyway
What's it called? Where can I find one? Who do I pay?!

9) Someone tells you you're mad for using cloth how do you react?

Agree totally!
Say well I just thought I'd try but it didn't work out, never mind
Ignore them, they are entitled to their own opinion
Be a bit annoyed but say nothing
Point out the advantages of cloth and say how pleased you are with it
Get really mad and lecture them for hours on how great cloth is

10) Your baby is getting near to the time for potty training, how do you feel?

Hurray, no more smelly disposables to throw away
Hurray, no more smelly nappies to wash
A little sad that they are growing so fast
A little sad that they wont need their cute nappies anymore and that they are growing so fast
Devastated!! How can I go on without cloth nappies in my life?!

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Test by: Me [ edit ]

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