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Indie Horror Movies Quiz 2015-18

Take this quiz and test your CREEPYNESS factor for indie horror / thriller movies...

90 - 100% = HORROR CREEP
70 - 89% = HORROR FREAK
50 - 69% = HORROR FAN

Quiz written and created by [DA2K] / Alex 2K (C) Germany & Poland 20.04.2018


Look at this horror poster of a possessed girl... What's the movie title?



What's the evil tagline of that supernatural horror movie?
(Hint: The other two taglines belong to the other movies!)



Why does the blonde girl look so scared in this scene?



What 2016 indie horror movie is that scared scene from?



Which one is a 2015 / 2016 indie horror film with a long title?



In 2016 there were 3 horrors / thrillers in the same category of evil pranks.
Which one do you think was the creepiest and best of all in this subgenre?
(If you haven't watched all three then judge them by their short descriptions)



In both 2016 and 2017, there were two more horror / thriller movies which involved evil pranks, as this indie subgenre gains more popularity in the second half of this decade 2015-2019. Which one of these two titles appears to be inspired by one of the other 3 movies and vice versa? (Hint: Both released in October 2016)



What's the common theme of these 5 horror prank movies?
Find the connection and choose the most correct answer:



The last week of April 2018 is coming up... New horror movies have been released in the past 4 months and some are still running in theatres. Pick your favorite title which you've watched and enjoyed so far or which you would like to watch? (Titles are sorted in release-order January to April)



What's the best time during a full day to watch horror movies?
Select your preference and compare result to other horror fans:



What's the best season in the year during to watch horror movies?
Select your preference and compare result to other horror fans:



I am 40+ and today I have a big collection of hundreds of horror movies at home from 1918 to 2018! Each decade and period had its own styles, franchises and cult movies. What is your favorite one? (Note: I give one or more famous examples on each possible answer)



This quiz was written and created on Friday the 20th, NOT the 13th of April 2018!
Have you taken any of my other tests and quizzes? Which one would you take next?
(Answer does not affect final score)


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