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Emma and Olivia's Mermaid Story Part 2!

YEAHHH! I decided to make a part 2 to this, so enjoy!


So, you and Olivia have been mermaids for 3 years now! So one day you decide to go swimming! You go into the water in your pool and your mom goes, "hey honey you mind if I come in?". You...



She ends up coming in anyway. She sees your tail. Quick...what do you do?



Your little sister (she wasn't in ep. 1 but she'll be here now), Marina, comes in. After a few seconds, she grows a tail too! What do you do?



The both of you admit to your parents that you're mermaids. Your mom looks at your dad, who's making some food on the grill outside the pool, and smiles. She closed her eyes. Seconds later, a long blue tail grew! How do you react?



Your dad admits that he is too. He says that when you were born, there was a problem with your birth so you were human. Same with Marina. Marina admits to looking on your shelf and finding the book. What do you do?



Olivia was in the other corner of the pool, playing with her powers. She swam to you guys. You tell her the story. "Wow", she said. You ask to see your parents' and sister's powers. Your mom...



Your sister's powers are:



Your dad...



You and Olivia show them your powers. "When did this happen?", mom asked.



Marina said she did it 3 months ago. So now you're a big, happy family of mermaids, and merman. You...


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