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Would you survive in a war?

This test will test your wit, skills and wit


If you were in cover and know the whereabouts of all your enemies but your ally is about to get spotted. What would you do?



You're in a trench fighting off those pesky brits. Your commander shouts "Ich rieche Kot. Wer hat das getan?". What do you do?



You just watched your friend swallow a grenade thinking it was a grape. How do you help him?



Your lack of friends means you've been sent out to fight 15 fully trained attack helicopters. How do you win the fight?



You just shot a rocket launcher at a drone. However the rocket launcher was facing backwards. Now several rockets are heading your way. What do you do?



You just took over a tech company potentially worth billions, but you accidently violated a legal act meaning you are in serious debt.



The stock market just crashed. Your friend is trapped under the rubble. Soldiers are marching in with kill on site orders. What do you do?



You're getting tortured by a bunch of Plankton for the Krabby Patty Formulaâ¢. If you do at all, how do you withhold the information.



You are face to face with a face and you have both lost your guns because your mother cleaned your room and you don't know where it is. You have a knife and they have a buckler shield. How do you win



You're back in 1939-1945 in the trenches. You and your German allies are about to attack a little Asian boy named Harry. Are you okay with this?



A strange man asks you for directions on how to get to his house.


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