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Survive my Warrior Cats Roleplay!

Your Character ((girl)) : A tabby with green eyes who is a kit and doesn't listen much
Your Chatacter ((boy)) : A tabby with green eyes who is also a kit who is curious
CLAN ((both)) : WindClan
Crush ((Girl)) : A cat named Smoke~Kit who has a gray pelt and is very rude
Crush ((Boy)) : A cat named Sun~Kit who has a yellow pelt and is harsh


Its been a few moons now. Your almost app age. Your crush is with their siblings and asks you to sneak out with them. Do you?



Went : A clan cat that is a warrior finds you sneaking out and your app cerimony is delayed. How do you react?
Stayed : Your crush was caught and they blame you. What do you do?



Soon enough its a normal day. SUDDENLY ShadowClan attacks! You're still a kit. And they are trying to break into the nursery. What do you do?



If you cowared: Blue~Mist managed to get the sc cats away. You're safe. You dont do anything

Tried to get them away: The sc cat took advantage! Your being held prissioner at their camp! Blue~Mist comes to rescue you! What happens?



Blue Mist Died : You get back to camp safe
Blue Mist went into battle : She was badly injured and you're safe
Sun/Smoke~Kit is forcing you to go to the river! When you get to the river, you BEG to be mates! Do you keep begging?



Kept Begging: Sun/Smoke turns out to be evil and pushed you into the river
Stopped begging: Sun/Smoke almost spared you but you got pushed in.
Choose a warrior to come save you!



Blue~Mist: She couldn't save you, you're dead
Golden~Pelt: You barely survived
Charlie: You got out safely and back to camp
If you survived and got back what do you do to your crush?



ANYWAYSSS! Its your app cerimony! If you were held back, wait until next question. Your mentor is Birch~Strike! ((GOOD))



ONLY FOR CERIMONY DELAYED CAT: *one moon later* Your mentor is Robin~Eyes ((Meh))



If you got Birch: You go on border patrols and almost got killed in a rogue attack
If you got Robin: You got killed in a rogue attack



Its finally your warrior cerimony! ((Btw your name was Fog)) You get your warrior name! Choose one!



Thank you fur playing! Rate it please ;3


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