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Will you survive attacking an enemy base

You are a spy infiltrating an enemy base will you survive or not


You are in front of the base how do you get on the roof



You are on the roof now how do you get in



You are in the base you are behind an enemy what do you do



After you take him out you peak in the main room you see enemy's one of them spots you and alerts the others what do you do



After taking out the men you look inside the room and investigate and find the documents you need then the commander spots you and alerts the whole base you run out of the base what do you do next



Your out of the base you need to now get to the police station but there chasing you what do you do



You are at the police station but the police officers are being held captive by an escaped prisoners how do you take them out



You have taken down all the enemy's accept the hostage taker how do you take him out



You free the hostages and give them the documents what do you say to them



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