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Would You Survive a Zombie Outbreak?

Complete this quiz to make sure you would survive a zombie apocalypse. This quiz will contain about 10 - 15 questions so be ready and sit tight. Will your family survive? Will your friends survive? Will your dog survive? Find out using this quiz and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty

This quiz was made on 021917


Where do you live?



What would be your ideal weapon?



What food will you bring on your adventure?



Where would you head after you and your team are ready to fight?



Along the way you encounter some survivors. What do you do?



Crap! Your old run down truck has popped a tire. You can't repair it but you see a car store nearby. What do you get?



You get your car and come across some zombies. What do you do?



You get to the outskirts of town, but you find ouy your mother and sister have been bitten. What do you do now?



You've come to your killer senses and start to go a bit crazy. What do your team mates do?



You and your teammate's little house have been attacked my zombies in your sleeps. GoTtA BLaSt!



Whoops. You forgot your hat back in your van after you go for a little drive to hunt. You hear rustling in the back. ??


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