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Is Herobrine Watching You?

Hello and welcome to another one of my quizzes! This one will determine whether or not Herobrine is hiding in your Minecraft world.


Do you find nether portals in the wild that you did not create?



When you stop walking, do you still hear footsteps in the distance?



Okay, then how about random netherrack shacks in the wild that you don't recall building?



Are there redstone torches randomly placed around your world?



Listen carefully. If you hear footsteps or other signs of fellow players, he could be there.



Go to the Nether Castle. If you're lucky, he will be home. Just be stealthy- don't get seen!



(For female players) Herobrine is single.. If you ask him out he might spare your computer... Go to the Nether and search the castle for him!



If he's not home, check if he's hanging with the zombie pigmen. Find a fiery cliff where the pigmen hang out.



Make the most of his absence, if he's gone! Try and dig up his secret cookie collection! Get cozy! Make yourself at home!



I hope he didn't catch you. Did you enjoy the cookies? I hope they were really good, because I'm not sure they exist.. I made a guess.



Well, hope you enjoyed and found Herobrine! Goodbye!


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