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School Lockdown 2017

This is a test made in 2017. This test will tell you if you would survive a School Lockdown.


On the P.A. you hear the secretary's voice yelling, "EVERYONE EVACUATE! THERE'S A SHOOTER-" and the P.A. ends with a bang. What do you do?



The doorknob is being slowly cut off. What do you do?



It's just your friend panicking! You try to lock the door but since they cut it off it won't close.



The killer emerges from the doorway and injures 2 kids but kills 10. You have been shot in the leg, but you are not dead.



You've fainted. You wake up in the janitor's closet, with your friend. He is healing you with bandages. You hear the killer's footsteps outside the door.



He leaves. You exit the closet with a bandaged hand with your friend. You see an Sniper left on the floor by the killer after he chased somebody with a knife.



You run outside and hide behind a corner only to find 3 killers guarding the exit route. What do you do?



You run home. You call the police. But the phone lines cut. They are there. Waiting for you. Your family is dead on the floor. They emerge from the corner.



Your family is surprisingly alive. You rush them to the hospital. They survive. The doctor asks, "What happened?"



The doctor drops. You check his pulse. He is dead. You rush to the airport and demand an emergency evacuation with your family and wounded friends. They leave immediately with a doctor onboard.



The pilot was shot in the neck, and hasn't died. He keeps flying.



The plane lands. You have exited the plane. You survived. You live on like nothing ever happened. You take shooting classes. You go back to a new school. You hear on the P.A, "There's a school killer! Run!"



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