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What animal are you on your computer?

If we could imagine that there was a forest, and everyone of this forest was a rabbit, a frog, a dog, or a lion, which one of them would you be? This quiz could give you an answer to this question.

A quiz by: Ivo Atanasov


How much time daily do you spend, using a computer, a laptop, or other device with similar use? (on average)



For what purposes do you use it more time - for work or for entertainment?



What kind of device are you using right now to take this quiz?



Do you use your computer for purposes, different from Internet?



If a relative or a friend of yours offered you to go out together, while you are using a computer at home, what would you rather answer?
(Imagine that the weather is nice)



Does any of your hobbies (except for NerdTests) require using a computer?



Does any of your favorite activities (except for NerdTests) require using a computer?



How much time do you think you can survive without Internet?



If you and your friend were together and were using different computers at the same time, how would you rather communicate to each other?



Which of the following animals do you like best?



Which of the following animals do you like the least?
(the opposite to the previous question)


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