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Are you the ultimate babysitter?

In this quiz, you'll find out if you, whoever you are could become an awesome babysitter. It's okay if you don't get a whooping 100%, but then you will be able to learn. Each question comes from a pro, with years worth of babysitting knowledge.


The parents are just about to leave for whatever they're doing. What do you ask them?



You're babysitting Mark age 11, Jamie age 9, and Liam age 1 and a half. Liam started chewing on Jamie's toy and she starts crying. Mark asks if he can walk a few blocks to his friends house. What do you do?



Mark and Jamie start saying that they're hungry. Of course, you have to feed Liam too. Mark says he is not too hungry and doesn't want too much (but he'll eat anything), Jamie says she wants something sweet but not too sweet, and obviously, Liam can't talk. What do you give them for lunch?



When the kids are done eating, they're thirsty. Their parents said they shouldn't have too much sugar, and that Mark should try to get more vitamin C. What do you give them? Jamie wants something sweet that'll cool her, and Mark says he'll have anything.



It's playtime! What do you do with the kids?



8:30! It's the time the parents said they want their kids to sleep. Jamie is bouncing on her bed, Mark locked his room door but you know all the lights are on, and Liam is crying. What do you do?



The kids are finally in bed with their pj's and teeth brushed. You had 3 minutes until Jamie comes to you and says she had a bad dream. What do you do?



They are all asleep! Finally. But, after a day of hard work, you seem really tired and could use a nap. What do you do?



The parents come home. How much do you charge?



Would you be their babysitter?


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