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Which member of Team Rocket are you?

Hello and welcome to this test! This test gives you the chance to figure out which member of the, *looks around to make sure no one is watching* evil orginization Team Rocket you are! Answers are Butch,Cassidy,James,and Jessie. (See what I did there with the alphabetical order thing?)If you don't get the answer you want feel free to retake. I also own nothing from the pokemon franchise I'm just doing this test for fun. Have fun taking this quiz,and don't take anything too seriously! Now without further ado,let's get started. ð


Welcome to my quiz! You better not be Ash or anyone of his twerps! Because if you are,we WILL find you.Anyway let's get started shall we? What type of pokemon do you like the most (out of the ones below)?



Complete the following To ______ the world from/with devestation. To ______ all people's within every/our nation.



(Sorry that this one is super obvious of who is who. Although please be honest of what's ACTUALLY your favorite color.)What tour favorite color!



What's the most important thing to have on a mission to steal a Pokemon?



Why did you choose to work as a Team Rocket agent?



(Sorry this is also obvious) Fill in the blank. Jessie is a/an _____.



What is your favorite song out of the following? (If you don't know any just pick one,or go listen to then.)



(You're not gonna understand this question but..) What's your favorite name out of the following for a girl?



What's your favorite animal our of the following?



What's your least favorite Pokemon out of the following?


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