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Would you survive in my middle school?

OK so...so far in this quiz you will have to deal with jerks, idiots, âfake friends" and perhaps mean teachers.


OK this quiz is RP (roleplay). So you have arrived. You look at your schedule and your first class is English. Then the bell rings and everyone are grabbing their bags out of their locker and some of one putting in and taking out books and go outside while a lady screams to hurry up. What do you do?



So let's say you went outside.There are different chalk lines with the letters like 6B, 5A etc. Everyone is lined up in them with a few standing apart ignoring the same lady as question 1 who is giving out detentions to those not lined up. No one is going inside the building. What do you do? (Let's say you are in class 6B)



Let's say you lined up. Finally, after about 5 minutes, teachers arrive and lines are starting to empty as kids follow them. You see a lady opening a door and class 6B go towards her. What do you do?



Let's say you followed the lady. After going upstairs and through a corridor, she stop and opens the door next to her as your class go in and she says hello to each of them in a tired voice. What do you do?



Let's say you got in the class. The teacher introduces herself and you, and thankfully you didn't need to make a speech, she just got everyone doing exercises. Let's just say you are really good at it and your neighbour who is the opposite gender of you and looks cute asks you one of the questions of the exercise. What do you do?



The bell rings and everyone gets up and goes out of the class. What do you do?



Let's say you arrived okay in history and geography (your next class). As it turns out, the teacher is nuts! You got called on to say the answer of an exercise which looks super easy but you didn't know the answer to. So you say your answer and the teacher shouts at you to grow up because you were supposed to know the answer despite coming from a different school. What do you do?



Okay, the bell rings again and everyone rushes outside. What do you do?



After two more classes, lunch. There is a big queue at the hall with a lady highlighting names and people go in the cafeteria. Your lunch isn't until 10 minutes but everyone was !et out and you see half the class going in the queue. What do you do?



Last bell rings. Everyone rushes out and you were supposed to take the bus and you see people going in one gate to a parking lot and others going to another gate to a path. What do you do?


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