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Can You Survive School?

If your tired of being picked on at school, take this test to see if you can survive. This test is for boysgirls of all ages


You just arived at your at school and see someone get bullied. What do you do?



It's lunchtime! Someone started a food fight! And they are going to get everyone in trouble! And your the only one who didn't join!



Your at your locker and your ready for the bell to ring... When suddenly, bullies come raising down the hall picking up kids and raising them of their lunch money! What do you do?



Your at recess and a group of teenagers think they can just waltz in and pick on kids! What do you do?



You get into a fight when you really didn't mean to do anything! What do you do?



A simple yes or no question. Do you like my test so far?



Your in class and someone is throwing spit balls at everyone! What do you do?



You open your backpack and see that your homework isn't there. Then you see 2 kids looking at your homework and here them say," this is going to be great to turn in!" React?



Your getting ready to go home and you can't find you backpack. Someone stole it! And you know who it is. What do you do?



Are you going to rate my quiz? I think it's awsome!


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