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Would you survive the Japanese Tsunami?

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You and two of your friends live in a house in Sendai, Japan. It's Friday, March 11, 2011. What would you be doing?



Suddenly, the ground starts to shake. Everything is falling to the floor. What do you do?



The shaking stops. Everything is on the floor broken. What do you do?



You evacuate the building and debris is falling everywhere. People are running out crying. What do you do?



Later, you go back into your house and turn on the TV. The news says a tsunami is heading your way. What do you do?



You're at the hill then the tsunami hits, flooding the whole entire town. What do you do?



The tsunami is really high. Your friend accidentally slips and falls but holds on to a railing. There's more space on top of the hill but not a lot. What do you do?



You're friend accidentally let's go and dies. What do you and your other friend do?



Your other friend falls off but manages to hang on to the railing. What do you do?



Your other friend dies and the tsunami is gone. What do you do now?



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