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Would you survive my horror movie?

Will you survive this ordeal or will you be killed?


You start off at University, where you have just been invited to a sleepover with your crush: how do you answer



You're at the sleepover with your crush,your best friend and two others.At midnight everyone is told to go to the assembly hall for an emergency. Who do you wake up first?



You are all at the hall when you hear the Head announce that there is a killer on the loose...
Suddenly you hear screams in the hallways! What do you do?



You finally decide to escape through the emergency exit. You then remember that your best friend used to be in the scouts and that your crush took a survival course: Who do you take with you?



Say you take both: you run back to your crushes dorm. you then barricade it and wait: What do you do to pass the time?



Suddenly the killer bursts through the door! you only have enough time to grab one person to escape with: Who do you choose



As you and your chosen person escape you see the halls are filled with dead friends! You then run to a janitor's closet and pick up the closest thing to a weapon. What do you pick up?



You find a dorm on the other side of campus. Realising you are both covered in sweat and dirt. Your companion suggests you should shower and change: How do you do this?



You hear on a radio that rescue teams are being sent to a certain place at campus: How do you plan to get there?



As you reach the rescue point you see the killer in front of you, holding an axe. How do you and your companion attack



You were finally rescued! How do you react?


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