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Will you become a good Youtuber

This is a test to see if you would be a famous YouTuber. Like all the other famous YouTuber(s) and if you always wanted to be a youtuber, and wonder will other people like the idea you have of making videos. Please enjoy this test and let's find out will you be a famous youtuber or not.


What kind of videos would you make?



What would your videos be like, will it be appropriate or not



How many videos will you upload a day?



Half of the people like your videos and the other half don't, what do you do?



What would you do if people were saying mean comments about you?



You just got 1000 subscribers, what do you do?



You are too busy to make videos, what will you do?



Lets say that you broke the camera that you use, your fans don't know, what would you do about it?



The most thing that makes me interested into videos when they have something where they would make you answer there question, or when they answer questions from their fans, would you do that?



Okay, This will not affect you. Did you like this test? Who is your favorite YouTuber. You don't have to answer these two questions.



Okay, ready to see if you are a famous youtuber or not, this will count, it won't effect you.


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