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Are you and your g/bfriend a good couple

This is a quick quiz to see if you and your boyfriend are good together! My best friend has been looking for a good quiz to take to see if her and her boyfriend are right with each other as she is having doubts. Yet almost every quiz was for adults with questions regarding work, money, marrage, children and other things teens don't want in there quizzes when they're still in school. WARNING TO ADULTS of course you can take there quiz but some q&a's might mention school or other things like that so whilst I would recommend you check out a more adult quiz you can try this one if you wish, of course. This is mostly for younger teens, like 12-16 hence the school and young questions but I will make one for older if you wish.let's get into this... *BE HONEST*


How long have you two been dating?



Have you met his family?



On a scale of 1-5 how much do you love him?



Do you know when is his birthday is and does he know yours?



Do you know his middle name?



Do you know his eye colour?



How often do you two hang out



Do you know each others favourite colours?



How important is he to you on a scale of 1-5?



Are you being 100% honest with him?



Do you trust and confide in one another?



Do you get on with each others friends



And the big one, do you love him?


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